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Case of industrial oil water sepatator equipment in Vietnam

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Basic information of the case

Date: October 16,2019

Buyer: food factory in Vietnam

Water quality to be treated: High oil content of water

Customer expectations: Oil-water separation

Product name: Dissolved aie flotation (DAF)

Model: YW-15


Dissolved gas water:4-6m3/h

Main dynamo power:7.5kw

Foam scraper power:0.55kw

Air compressor power:1.5kw

Dissolved air tank size:500×1512mm

Overall dimension:4400×2400×2200

 Working principle: YW series Dissolved Air Flotation is mainly for solid-liquid or oil-water separation. Large sum of micro bubbles produced by dissolving and releasing system adhere to solid or oil particles with same density as waste water to make the whole float to the surface and scrape off the solid and oil on the surface with a scraper thus achieve the aim of solid-liquid or oil-water separation.

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