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Case of sewage treatment equipment dissolved air floatation in Serbian

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Case details

Date: October, 2019

project name:  Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment project

     Product name: Dissolved aie flotation (DAF)

     Model: YW-105


     Dissolved gas water:30-35m3/h

     Main dynamo power:15kw

     Foam scraper power:1.5kw

     Air compressor power:3kw

     Dissolved air tank size:700×1980mm

     Overall dimension:10000×2800×2600

     Working principle: The DAF Separator separates effective of suspended solids, fats, oils and greases from liquids by dissolved air flotation.Flotation of the solids is accomplished by the introduction of microscopic air bubbles into the process water. As the bubbles rise, they attach themselves to the particles in suspension and carry them to the surface for removed.

      Application: municipal/industrial/commercial/chemical wastewater;Sludge dewatering;Farm wastewater;Domestic wastewater;Processing long wastewater;Recycle water;toliet water;Lawn sprinkler;Sewage plant;Oil water separation;solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation,etc.


    Treatment efficiency: 

       Wastewater Quality

          SS: 174mg/L

        Oil: 150mg/L

      Effluent water quality



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water treatment system

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