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Ceramic Vacuum Filter

Ceramic filter is mainly used for fine coal slurry recovery, equipped with an engine base, under the engine base setting a fine coal slurry liquid trough, in this liquid trough, equipped with liquid level controller, both ends with negative pressure water tank, one side of this water tank is equipped with negative pressure connected assembly fix, another side is vacuum pump pipeline connecting with a vacuum pump; on the engine base, there is a coal slurry recovery rotor, this rotor consists of main axle, multilevel ceramic filter disc, stripper plate, multisection effluent connecting pipeline piping support plate, negative pressure connecting assembly plate. The rotor is located in liquid trough; the ceramic filter disc consists of many ceramic cavity micropore plates, those plates located in a same axes connect by the effluent connecting pipeline.
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Ceramic Vacuum Filter
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Ceramic filter is mainly used for fine coal slurry recovery, equipped with an engine base, under the engine base 

setting a fine coal slurry liquid trough, in this liquid trough, equipped with liquid level controller, both ends with 
negative pressure water tank, one side of this water tank is equipped  with negative pressure connected assembly fix, 
another side is vacuum pump pipeline connecting with a vacuum pump; on the engine base, there is a coal slurry 
recovery rotor, this rotor consists of main axle, multilevel ceramic filter disc, stripper plate, multisection effluent 

connecting pipeline piping support plate, negative pressure connecting assembly plate. The rotor is located in liquid 

trough; the ceramic filter disc consists of many ceramic cavity micropore plates, those plates located in a same axes 

connect by the effluent connecting pipeline.

Working Principle

Ceramic filter shape and mechanism is similar with the working principle of vacuum belt filter, under the effect of

 pressure difference,suspended matter particle are intercepted on the medium surface then form as filter cake while 

liquid outflow from filter medium to realize solid_liquid separation. The difference is filter medium, ceramic filter 

plate is with micropore that can produce wicking effectThat makes the wicking effect stronger than vacuum force, 

and micropore keep a state full of liquid. In any case, ceramic filter plate don't allow air go through, because of this reason,  while solid_liquid separating, energy is saving and vacuum degree is high. Ceramic filter mainly consists of 

rotor, stirrer, scraper components,slurry trough,distributor, ceramic filter plate, vacuum system, cleaning system,

automatic control system etc.  

Main Structure

Ceramic filter is mainly consisting of roller system, mixing system, ore slurry feed  and discharge system, vacuum 

system, filtrate discharging system,scraping system, back washing system, united washing system (ultrasonic 

cleaning, automatic matching acid cleaning), full_automatic control system, trough body, rack etc.

Trough body uses corrosion resistant stainless steel, can load ore pulp. Stirring system is stirring mixing materials in 

trough body to avoid the rapid subsidence of materials. Ceramic filter plate is installed on roller, roller can be rotated 

by the drive of stepless speed change reduction gears.

Filter medium of ceramic filter is ceramic filter plate, doesn’t need filter cloth, that reduces cost of production. 

The 1mm gap between scraper and filter plate prolongs the service life while discharging. Using back washing and 

united cleaning etc. methods, full_automatic control by PLC, equipped with inverter, liquid level meter etc. device. 

While starting up, ore pulp valve is monitored by level meter, it controls height of ore pulp level. 

When to high level, PLC control system rapidly opens filtrate pump outlet valve to drain water quickly. Ceramic can use long_range control or centralized control according to different requirement by customers.

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