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Direct Heating-Cooling Spray Sterilization Machine

Direct Heating-Cooling Spray Sterilization Machine
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Direct Warming Spray Cooling Sterilization Machine


1. Reduce steam consumption, steam and atomized sterilized water are directly mixed in the sterilizer to improve the rate of temperature rise and drop.

2. Sterilization at high temperature and short time.

3. Water jet from different angles, steam, air and water mixed convection, forming a perfect temperature distribution.

4. Low noise, creating a quiet and comfortable working environment.

5.The kettle is equipped with a movable temperature sensing probe (optional), which can monitor the F value of the food center at any time.

6. Perfect pressure control, constant pressure adjustment throughout the production process, especially suitable for cold packaging products.

7. Process water preheating system can ensure the continuous heating process of warm and hot filled products.

8. Softened water is used for sterilization to avoid contamination of outer package due to water quality problems in the process.

                Sterilization-Machine (5)两锅一罐_副本



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