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Dissolved Air Floatation Machine (DAF)

Dissolved Air Flotation machine, short for DAF, it is main machine used to remove the TSS and oil.
It is widely used in the pre-treatment process for the wastewater treatment.
The TSS and oil removal rate can reach above 90%, at the same time it can remove some COD around 30~50%.
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Dissolved Air Floatation (Flat-flow type)

Product Description

1. Description

YW series Dissolved Air Floatation is mainly for solid_liquid or liquid_liquid separation. Large sum of micro bubbles 

produced by dissolving and releasing system adhere to solid or liquid particles with same density as waste water to make the whole float to the surface thus achieve the aim of solid_liquid 

or liquid_liquid separation.


2. Application

(1) Remove oil and TSS.

(2) Separate small particles and algae in groundwater. 

(3) Recover valuable products in industrial sewage such as paper pulp.

(4) Act as secondary sedimentation tank to separate and concentrate suspended particles and sludge.


3. Features

(1) Large capacity, high efficiency and small occupying space.

(2) Compact structure, easy operation and maintenance.

(3) Silt expansion elimination.

(5) Aerate to the water while air floating, it has an obvious effect to the elimination of active agent and foul smell in 

water. Meanwhile, the increased dissolved oxygen provides a favorable condition to the follow-up process.

(6) It can achieve the best effect in adopting this method when disposing the water with lower temperature, lower 

turbidity and more algae.

Suitable area:

slaughtering, starch, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, printing and dyeing, 

leather and tannery, petrochemical industry, domestic wastewater, etc.

 4. Flow Process Diagram
1. Clear water reservoir           
2. Clear water pump  
3. Control valve
4.5. Pressure gage
6. Dissolved gas tank
7. Control valve
8. Air compressor
9. Releaser                                                             
10. Foam scraper
11. Air floating pond
12. Water collector
13. Jet device
14. Control valve
15. Dosing tank
16. Sewage pump
17. Flow meter
18. Sewage pond
Technical Parameters
Specification Capacity (m3/h) Dissolved gas water
Main dynamo power (kw) Foam scraper power
Air compressor power
Dissolved air tank size 
Overall dimension   (mm)
YW-5 2-5 1.5-2 3 0.55 1.5 Φ400x1000 3300x1800x2200
YW-10 8-10 2-3 4 0.55 1.5 Φ500x1512 4000x2100x2200
YW-20 15-20 5-7 7.5 055 1.5 Φ500x1512 4600x2400x2200
YW-30 20-30 6-10 7.5 0.55 1.5 Φ500x1512 5200x2600x2400
YW-40 30-40 8-13 7.5 0.75 2.2 Φ600x1880 6000x2600x2400
YW-50 40-50 15-20 7.5 0.75 2.2 Φ600x1880 7000x2600x2400
YW-60 50-60 18-27 11 0.75 2.2 Φ600x1880 7600x2800x2400
YW-70 60-70 22-30 11 0.75 3 Φ650x2034 8400 x2800x2400
YW-80 70-80 24-32 11 0.75 3 Φ650x2034 9200x2800x2400
YW-100 90-105 30-35 15 0.75 4 Φ700x1980 10000x2800x2600
YW-150 125-150 60-80 22 1.1 4 Φ800x1980 13500x2800x2600
YW-200 175-200 80-100 22 1.1 5.5 Φ800x2100 15800x2800x2600
YW-250 225-250 110-120 22 1.1 5.5 Φ800x2400 15200x3400x2600
YW-300 280-300 120-180 37 1.1 5.5 Φ1000x2900 19200x3400x2800


Product Pictures  

气浮机  气浮机图片

Experimental Results




2. dissolved air flotation.jpg   



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