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Double Layers Water Bath Sterilization Machine

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Double Layers Water Bath Sterilization Machine


1.Even temperature, no dead Angle, the circulating water in the sterilization tank is up, down, left, right continuous switching type uniform flow, ensure the tank from heating up, insulation to cooling, the heat distribution of any point is uniform.

2. High temperature and short time sterilization. This machine adopts double-pot hot water circulation to sterilize, first heating the water in the hot water tank to the required temperature for sterilization (except multi-stage sterilization), thus shortening the sterilization operation time and improving the work efficiency.

3.Energy saving, the working medium water used in the sterilization process of this machine can be recycled, saving energy, time, manpower and material resources, and reducing the production cost.

4.Automatic control system, the entire sterilization process can be automatically controlled by the computer to complete the operation.

5.The sterilizer adopts a simulated temperature control system, which can set the multi-stage heating mechanism.

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