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Drying Machine Harmless Treatment Equipment

poultry /livestock/farm epidemic animal carcass drying machine harmless treatment equipment
for dead animal disposal

Drying method harmless treatment has the following characteristics, automatic control, treatment quickly, clean and complete to the bacteria treatment, treatment process environmental protection science, 100% no odor production, no secondary pollution, after the completion of the treatment of the product, can bring good social benefits, is the internationally recognized treatment.



the principle of abandonment (feather, animal fur, sick and disabled livestock and poultry, animal carcasses) through high temperature and high pressure technology, to achieve the effect of chemical system, sterilization.



large single batch, safe and complete sterilization effect, integrated crushing, chemical, sterilization and drying.



1. Jacketed structure, filled with steam.

2. The stirring shaft is inflated to increase heat exchange area and improve production efficiency.

3. Integral steel structure support can change the installation position at will.

4. The inlet and outlet adopts the ram structure for easy operation.

5. The external insulation adopts stainless steel plate to enhance the corrosion resistance, extend the service life and beautiful appearance.

6.Using the steam recovery system, the steam is recovered to the boiler to reduce energy consumption and save water.

The scope and function of harmless processor

1. This product can be used for the harmless treatment of animal carcasses and other products.such as pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, donkeys, mules, camels, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and other animals suffering from infectious diseases, parasitic diseases and toxic diseases.

2. Harmless treatment of diseased tissues quarantined by animal slaughter plants, visceral organ and deteriorated and harmful products.

3. Harmless treatment of slaughtering wastes and glands in animal slaughter plants.

4. Harmless treatment of animals that die of disease in animal farms and isolation factory,dead animals with unknown causes and carcasses of infected animals.

5. Other animal carcasses and products that need harmless treatment.

harmless treatment equipment

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