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Harmless Treatment Equipment

poultry /livestock/farm epidemic animal carcass harmless treatment equipment
for dead animal disposal

Poultry /livestock/Farm epidemic animal carcass harmless treatment equipment for dead animal disposal 

The harmless treatment equipment is a machine that uses high temperature sterilization of the corpse or diseased part of the diseased animal. After being humidified, the animal carcass can be turned into industrial oil, It also produces other residues for animal feed ,etc.

Principle of harmless treatment: 

The principle of harmless treatment: using high-pressure saturated steam, contact with the animal carcass tissue directly, when the steam encounters the animal carcass and condenses into water, it releases a lot of heat energy, which can melt the oil and solidify the protein, and at the same time, with the help of high temperature and high pressure,the pathogen will be completely destroyed.

Harmless processor features: 

1. safe and reliable

This series of products are manufactured in accordance with the national standard GB150-2011 "Pressure Vessel" manufacturing standard, anti-corrosion, high pressure bearing, safety valve, pressure controller safety devices are available.

2. automatic, fast

This series of products are highly automated, simple operation, easy to use and fast.

3. low energy consumption, high efficiency

This series of products have large heating area and rapid heating, which can help reduce energy consumption, accelerate production efficiency and reduce daily operating costs.

4. Reasonable design structure, stable operation

The design structure of this series of products is reasonable and can work in harsh environments, ensuring continuous and error-free operation of the equipment, so that users can feel at ease and peace of mind.

The scope and function of harmless processor 

1. This product can be used for the harmless treatment of animal carcasses and other products.such as pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, donkeys, mules, camels, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and other animals suffering from infectious diseases, parasitic diseases and toxic diseases.

2. Harmless treatment of diseased tissues quarantined by animal slaughter plants, visceral organ and deteriorated and harmful products.

3. Harmless treatment of slaughtering wastes and glands in animal slaughter plants.

4. Harmless treatment of animals that die of disease in animal farms and isolation factory,dead animals with unknown causes and carcasses of infected animals.

5. Other animal carcasses and products that need harmless treatment.

 harmless treatment equipment

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