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Integrated Sewage Treatment And Portable Toilets

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Integrated sewage treatment and mobile toilets

Drought and climate change have shrunk global water supplies by 20%.

That means we need to look for new, sustainable ways to improve our supply.

Now many companies have turned to water reuse - recycling wastewater (including sewage/toilet water) in a direct treatment system.

The toilet water will be collected and treated with others that from sources like grey water (washing and shower etc) . They will be serve non-potable uses in the plant watering, drip irrigation , car washing and toilet flushing.

camping toilet

Portable toilet for camping

old community toilet

Community renovation of movable toilet


1.This means we are not wasting the city’s potable water on plants any more.

2.The cost savings lot per year and will provide operational readiness in the event of a failure in the municipal water supply.

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