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Real Case of Dissolved Air Flotation Delivery

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The Real Case of Vietnam Dissolved Air Flotation Delivery

In November 2019, a custom-made air flotation machine for a sewage plant in Vietnam was delivered to the construction site in Vietnam on time.The dissolved air flotation is developed and produced by Shandong Better Environmental Protection Technology CO.,LTD.Air flotation technology has been widely used in drainage and wastewater treatment in recent years,It can effectively remove light flocs, flocculated colloids, oily substances, etc. that are difficult to settle in wastewater.

In November, a wastewater treatment plant in Vietnam customized a YW-20 air flotation machine.


Dissolved gas water:5-7m3/Hour

Main dynamo power:7.5KW

Foam scraper power:0.55KW

Air compressor power:1.5KW

Overall dimension:4600mm*2400mm*2200mm

After the dissolved air flotation is delivered to the project site,On-site guided use by our engineers,testing drainage water quality to meet national requirements,The installation and after-sales service of air flotation equipment were well received.

The following is a real shot of the air flotation machine delivery site

dissolved air flotation

daf system

daf for wastewater treatment

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