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Sterilization Machine


Double tanks one bomb water bath sterilization machine

杀菌锅 (34)_副本


The whole sterilization process is controlled by computer PLC, which can be completed at one time without manual operation.The chart plate is adopted and the screen is used for touch control. All time periods are controlled by analog sensors and automatic valves.Pressure and temperature are displayed digitally,

A variety of pressure and heating modes suitable for any product can be preconverted into programs and input into the computer.Computer can store 100 sterilization formula, one side choose to use.

Simulation of temperature control system, multi-stage heating mechanism can be set.According to the requirements of different food sterilization conditions, different heating and cooling procedures can be set at any time, and multi-stage sterilization can be used to minimize the amount of heat the food can bear

As far as possible perfect preservation of its color, fragrance, taste, so that each kind of food can be in the best condition for conditioning sterilization.The sterilization temperature is accurate to ±1℃, which can avoid over cooking or incomplete sterilization.



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