BETTER waste incinerator introduced the world's most advanced incinerator technology, which developed by our own technical experts and research organizations. The equipment is totally enclosed, small size, high efficiency of burning. It has reasonable process, high technology, and less hazardous. The incinerator has wide applications such as hospitals, hotels, railway stations, large commercial institutions, enterprises and institutions.

Incinerator's operating control use the automatic program control system, which reduce worker's work intensity. Also Incinerator chooses the most advanced burning down technology. The design of incinerator's combustion chamber use the gasified burning down technology to move the temperature in incinerator stove from 200℃ to 1500℃. Due to this technology, there will no melt block, slag lump and sintering problems in the burning down process. There are second burning equipment and circle-wind generator installed in the second burning combustion chamber. The flue gas can stay in the combustion chamber more than 2 seconds, so the combustible substances in flammable gas and flying ashes can be burn down completely. 

Product Application:

1. Animal Waste cremation:dead animal body and pets carcass,Eg. dog,cat,chicken,duck,fish,birds,cattle,etc.

2. Medical wastes treatment:hospital wastes as bandage,swaps,needles,gauze,blood vessels,injection syringe,drop bottle,lab waste,expired drugs,infectious internal organ,napkin,diaper,mask,gloves,pharmaceutical waste,hazardous wastes,Laboratories wastes,healthcare waste.

3. Farm incinerators,such as cattle farms,pig farms,sheep farms,stables,kennels,abattoirs,testing laboratories, catteries,pet crematoriums and poultry farms ABP rendering plants & other waste disposals.

4. Household Wastes disposal: rubbish,bottles,plastics,fruit peel,kitchen garbage,papers,trash,rags,leftovers,trees, leaves, lowers, roots, etc.

5.Industrial Waste burning treatment :the general waste or solid waste produced in industrial area and factories and construction sites,environmental or recycling facilities,landfills,manufacturing,mining,agricultural eg. rubber, plastic, fiber, paper,leathers,wood,glass,electrical waste,general&material,domestic wastes or from industrial activities, solid incinerator for solid waste in factories&construction sites.

6.Special Waste treatment:waste oil,waste solvents,oil sludge,ash dust,iron paint,mold filter residue and so on.

Advantages of our incinerator:

1.It's easier to operate than other  incinerators. There is an automatic fan inside of burner.It's for preventing the burner from backfire damage, thus extend the service life of the burners.

2. Low running & maintenance cost.The burner in first combustion chamber more longer than general burner, it's specially made of save fuel.

3. Environment friendly, Duel chamber design,there is no smoke,no smell,no pollution after waste burning.

4. The highest temperature can reach 1100-1300 degrees Celsius,which can achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

5. Long service time.Material of construction-Heavy duty steel ,Insulated and refractory lined chambers.

6. Be portable and cover a small area.

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