Wastewater Treatment Equipment


The wastewater treatment equipment include: Dissolved Air Flotation Machine, Package Sewage Treatment Plant and MBR system etc. 

1.Dissolved Air Flotation Machine

Our Dissolved air flotation system is used to remove suspended solids or oil and grease for the pretreatment of wastewater. It may also be applied in separating and concentrating suspended solids such as sludge in water. Additionally, it is efficient in the removal of surfactant and foul odors in water. Also, the dissolved oxygen in water is significantly increased due to the aeration, it helps to float and thicken the suspended material, which makes further treatment much more productive. It’s a versatile compact footprint product for primary and secondary treatment applications in food, paper, pharmaceutical, slaughter, textile printing and dyeing industries.

2.Package Sewage Treatment Plant

The Package sewage treatment plant utilizes a biological treatment technology, removes BOD, COD and NH-N in the wastewater. It features in easy maintenance, high efficiency and convenient. Additionally, it can be buried underground, since the treated water is up-to-standard discharge, which can be reused as the irrigation water of upper green land. It is widely used in the biological treatment for the wastewater.

3. MBR

Membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology for wastewater treatment was first introduced over 30 years ago. The MBR, like conventional secondary treatment, utilizes activated sludge. However, in place of gravity clarification the MBR employs a physical barrier in a form of a membrane for solid-liquid separation. The membrane limits the passage of suspended solids and colloidal material, while allowing clean effluent (permeate) to flow through. Since the MBR system does not rely on gravity separation, it can be operated at elevated Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS) concentrations, commonly up to 12 g/L in the membrane tank. The combination of the elevated MLSS concentration along with the reduced clarification footprint allows the MBR to achieve a significant space savings when compared to conventional technologies. MBR technology can be used for retrofitting of conventional WWTPs within existing tank infrastructure.

Advantages of MBR technology as compared to a conventional activated sludge system include:

• Consistent, high quality effluent.

• Ability to treat difficult industrial wastewater.

• Smaller plant footprint.

• Flexibility in sludge wasting frequency.

• Reduced disinfection requirements.

• Effluent quality is not compromised by sludge bulking or non-settling biomass.

• Hydraulic retention time in the biology decoupled from the sludge retention time.

The MBR Process

The membrane bioreactor process is a hybrid process which combines the biological steps of wastewater treatment with a membrane filtration step. The process consists of three stages: mechanical pretreatment, biological treatment and membrane filtration. The submerged membrane modules are typically installed in a membrane tank downstream of the bioreactor.

We also have Other Wastewater Treatment Equipment: for example, mechanical bar screen, microfiltration machine, mechanical filters, CAF Aerator, ClO2 Generator, Chemical Dosing Device etc. One-step purchase is available in our factory.

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