Sludge Dewatering Machine


The sludge dewatering machine includes belt filter press machine, vacuum belt filter machine, Screw press, decanter centrifuge and plate frame filter press etc.

1. Belt Filter Press-The Belt filter press is auxiliary equipment for sewage treatment. It is used for pressing and dewatering of treated suspended solids and sediment into a filter cake to prevent secondary pollution. It features low noise and no vibration and the filter belt tension and moving speed can be adjusted freely, and the filter belt correction system is configured.

2. Vacuum Belt Filter-Our Vacuum Belt Filter is an efficient unit for solid-liquid separation. It adopts a modular design which is convenient for transportation and installation. It features high filtration and dehydration efficiency with less pass-through resistance for filtrate, and processes fast filtration for thin layers.

3. Screw Press- is optimal for the dewatering treatment of both high and low concentration sludge in industries such as municipal sewage, food, beverage, chemical, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical etc. It is made of high quality stainless steel and use slow speed volute pressing technology. This machine features low electricity consumption and will run in fully automatic unmanned mode for 24 hours. 

4. Decanter Centrifuge-This product can be used for solid-liquid separation of various sewage. The vortex type structure is adopted to accelerate the entry of the material into the rotating drum; the large long diameter design prolongs the residence time of the material in the rotating drum and improves the solid-liquid separation effect. 

5. Plate Frame Filter Press-Plate frame filter press is one variety of intermittent solid liquid separation equipment. The materials are separated to the solid and liquid after been sent to each filter chamber by the filter medium. 

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