Belt filter press as a sludge dewatering and reducing environmental protection equipment, is widely used in domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, municipal sludge and other industries of sewage mud treatment, the reason why the belt filter press is favored by the majority of customers, because it has other similar equipment does not have the advantages, the following are the advantages of belt filter press:

(1) The belt filter press can run continuously for 24 hours

The belt filter press does not work intermittently like the plate and frame filter press, which can ensure 24 hours of uninterrupted continuous operation, improve the working efficiency of the equipment, and reduce the damage to the equipment.

(2) Belt filter press is simple to operate and easy to maintain

The structure of the belt filter press itself is relatively simple, the design is relatively reasonable, the operation is not as cumbersome as other equipment, it does not require professional technical personnel to operate, ordinary workers can operate, can save labor expenditure.

(3) The belt filter press has stable operation and long service life

The filter belt of the belt filter press itself has high strength, and the deflection adjustment structure is specially designed, so it is not easy to deviate, and the filter belt has long service life and stable operation. Bearings unlike other equipment using conventional carbon steel bearings, belt filter press adopts high-strength stainless steel bearings, corrosion resistance is greatly improved, durable, can extend the service life of the equipment.

(4) Belt filter press is small in size and light in weight

Due to its special structural design, the belt filter press is small in size and light in weight under the same processing capacity, and occupies only half of the other equipment; In addition, due to the reasonable structural design, it can be moved and disassembled according to the needs of customers.

(5) The belt filter press can handle the sludge that other filter presses cannot handle

Such as railway systems, oil fields, and the sewage sludge produced by the diatom fine soil process, there is a large amount of sludge, high sludge viscosity problems, the use of other types of filter press can not be treated, and the use of belt filter press can achieve good results.

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